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adp fingerprint time clock

All employees have to do is press their finger on a device and they are immediately identified and clocked in. As we have previously detailed, BIPA lawsuits, and particularly class action lawsuits, have been steadily on the rise over the past few years. Recently, HR technology and timekeeping companies have become the targets of a number of these class action suits. Late last year, ADP-rival NovaTime settled a similar lawsuit for approximately $14 million. Having a time clock and time-tracking software that are intuitive and easy to learn is a necessity. We also looked at whether the provider offers live phone support, training, quick system implementations, and integration options with payroll, POS, and scheduling systems.

adp fingerprint time clock

Employees can simply and accurately record their hours when clocking in and out. This content provides practical information concerning the subject matter covered and is provided with the understanding that ADP is not rendering legal advice or other professional services. Consult experienced counsel for legal advice and review your jurisdictional requirements. 1 This list is a representative sample that includes known laws as of the date of this publication. Discuss how laws potentially apply to your operations with your legal advisor, and determine the best way for your organization to conduct operations in light of such laws. Review where your operations are located to determine whether any facilities potentially may be subject to regulation on the use of biometric technology.

Do You Need A Clock That Can Integrate With Payroll Software?

Our knowledgeable sales consultants are located worldwide to answer any questions that you have about our identity management technology. Please complete the form below with as much information as you can so we are best prepared to assist you. Timelogix has the software you need for accurate and seamless tracking. When the worker needs to punch the clock they simply enter their UserID using the numeric keypad on the terminal and press OK. The clock will ask for their password, which they will also enter using the terminal’s keypad. When both numbers are entered correctly, the clock will store their punch. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

Designed with a built-in backup camera for fail-safe measure; every employee punch is verified even in the instance of a failed finger scan. With no software to install and patented employee self-enrollment feature; time clock setup and maintenance is a hassle-free process. UAttend offers you the option of allowing your employees punch in from anywhere. Along with website and touchtone phone punching availability, your workers can download the uAttend app for free. Remote punching is perfect for businesses that need their staff to work in the field or allow their employees to telecommute. You can even set geolocations to ensure that your workers are where they are supposed to be when punching. If you are in the New York area we can come to your site and set everything up.

Who Is Responsible For Compliance With These Laws?

Newer commercial grade systems actually take video and look for minute movement of the face features and analyzes the surrounding area so you can’t fake it with a picture or video replay. I feel like it would be easier and more cost effective to mount a hand sanitize dispenser 6 inches away and a giant neon sign pointing to it. If I recall correctly, facial recognition can easily be bypassed with someones picture. In adp fingerprint time clock light of Covid19, we have had people expressing concerns about our current TimeClock, – GT-400s. Employee keys their clock number then places their right hand on the platen & the clock confirms the user. Get access to the exciting stuff — exclusive new deals, product launches and more. An international conglomerate with interest in gaming, education, and security spanning multiple countries throughout the world.

adp fingerprint time clock

She has evaluated and written about dozens of payroll and HR software solutions for small business to provide the best answers to your software questions. The new and improved Maximus™ time clock delivers a straightforward user interface and provides employees the ability to perform fast clock in and clock out transactions. The potential class will include anyone who worked for an employer in Illinois during those seven years that used an ADP-branded fingerprint scanning timeclock. The lawsuits had asked the court to award damages of $1,000-$5,000 per violation, as allowed by the BIPA law. The law has been interpreted to mean violations could be counted as each time a worker scanned their fingerprints. You can use multiple way to register users, finger print, facial recognition and key cards to scan in.

Online Timekeeping Increases Productivity

I’m not an employee of theirs but I just really like their product, and their fantastic support. It has a paid plan that is very reasonable and includes a tablet app with facial recognition for clocking. This page provides a summary of your scheduled and actual work times by pay period. You can use this section to view a summary of your timecard information for the current pay period, previous pay period, next pay period, or another pay period.

It posted scores of 4 and above in most of our criteria, with perfect marks in pricing, reporting, and popularity among users. Time and attendance functionality is the only criterion where it didn’t rate at least 4 (scoring only 3.75). Despite tracking time, paid time off, and breaks efficiently, Homebase doesn’t have the physical time clock the other providers on this list offer. Accu-Time Systems will make it easy to integrate your application with the Maximus time clock. This fast integration will let you capture your customers’ employee punch activity on the clock and automatically send it back to your back-end system for processing. A fingerprint time clock works with cloud computing power, meaning that every time an employee clocks-in or clocks-out, that time is recorded live.

We did give out pens with stylus’ on them for those that really want to avoid touching the screen. I was playing with the time clocks and somehow I was able to allow three swipe clock in and out so all you touch is your badge, but it only works for a few people for whatever reason. There’s no need to install clunky software that you can only access from one computer. The time clock automatically sends all punch data to the cloud, where it can be view 24/7 from any Internet connected device. Once rules and policies are set in the cloud, they seamlessly sync with the time clock. ADP Workforce Now is human capital management software for businesses with 50 or more employees. Its software provides support for everything from payroll to Affordable Care Act compliance.

Tracking and monitoring time is an important part of managing your labor costs. With ADP, managing and improving your time and attendance process just got easier. ADP clients now get two months free of our time and attendance solution with no implementation fees.

How Do You Clock Your Job?

These employees can be set up to use their UserID and a Password to punch in and out on the biometric time clock. A Lathem employee time clock with PayClock Online time clock software significantly reduces the time it takes to process employee worked hours for payroll.

Our top pick for employee time clocks is Homebase, as it provides single-location businesses with a free online time clock to use that includes timekeeping, scheduling, and hiring tools. Its JR2000 time clock can capture employee attendance designated via PIN code entries, biometric fingerprint scans, and RFID card taps. It has built-in Wi-Fi that allows seamless transfers of employee time data from the time clock into uAttend’s cloud-based software.

adp fingerprint time clock

We had to use the security cameras to prove he wasn’t in the building at the time, because he was someone that could have come in early to set things up for other users. Easy Clocking web allows transferring time and attendance information to ADP payroll software. Basically after the timecards in Easy Clocking have been checked and corrected, then you can generate a file which will contain the daily worked totals in the format ADP payroll software requires. All monthly cloud account plans are designed for two time clocks, one administrator, and unlimited data exports in .csv format. Icon Time TotalPass® P400 Automated Time Clock That Packs a Powerful Punch Simply designed and easy to use, the TotalPass P400 is more than just an employee time clock. Be sure you’re clear on how these laws relate to the type of biometric data you need to collect, as the rules for fingerprints vs facial ID may not be consistent.


As all sectors continue to expand their use of digital services, data handling is an increasingly hot topic. What’s more, following years of high-profile data breaches, the general public is more cautious with their data.

  • You can also set restrictions on times (users that are allowed to clock in after hours vs. those that aren’t), dates , and many other things that I haven’t seen since HR got comfortable with the back end.
  • With GPS Location Tracking it will show the location mapped at Clock-in & Out.
  • Geo-fencing helps ensure that staff members are within a specified distance from a work location when they track their time.
  • Now more than ever, biometric time clocks have become so affordable that even companies with less than 10 employees can take advantage of the numerous benefits that they offer.
  • Since July 2017, more than 30 such lawsuits have been filed against employers operating in Illinois.

If you’re just about to implement biometric time and attendance, don’t panic just yet. That being said, you need to understand any laws that relate to biometric data collection and employee consent. Similar to the Icon Time TotalPass P600, this time clock doesn’t require any software installation. You have to pay a monthly fee to access its cloud-based timekeeping solution.

What Does Adp Do To Assist Clients With Compliance With Biometrics Laws?

Answer this three-question quiz and find one that best fits your business’s needs. Juvy has over 10 years of content writing experience and was a licensed teacher.

Mobile App Integration

Plus, having access to mobile apps and a self-service portal is also ideal. UAttend CB4000 received perfect marks here, while Icon Time TotalPass P600 scored the lowest. We checked to see if the provider has a free plan and transparent pricing for its paid tiers. We also considered the cost of paid subscriptions and gave those priced $10 or less per employee monthly extra points. Only Homebase has a free option, but this covers just one business location. For physical time clocks, Icon Time TotalPass P600 is reasonably priced since you only have to pay for the device.

Biometric time and attendance systems use the fingerprints of employees to verify who is actually clocking in and clocking out of work each day. The system scans the finger of the employee, coordinates are determined and then the system maps the endpoints and intersections of the fingerprint. Setting up your time clock account to integrate with ADP is very simple and easy. Our time tracking software representatives are available to help assist you via email, live chat, and phone. Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you to join the OnTheClock-ADP family. Our employee time clock system saves you time by integrating your timesheets. Save the headache and eliminate the manual process of hand-entering hours and calculating payroll by allowing OnTheClock and ADP to do if for you.