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Each time we called, we spoke with a friendly and helpful representative. At no time did any of the representatives pressure us to commit to the payroll service. Instead, they focused on our needs, listened to our questions, and gave detailed answers that left us with a clear understanding of what Gusto offers and how it works. There are no contracts with Gusto; you pay month to month. There are no setup fees or penalties for canceling the service either. This allows you to test the service for a couple of payroll runs and cancel for no charge if it isn’t meeting your needs.

Access proposal templates with suggestions for packaging and pricing value-added services that will make you a proposal pro. Let your clients log in to see the time tracked on their projects. First, you’ll need to enable payroll in your Company Settings. After doing that, you’ll see a new menu item at the top called “Payroll”. Once you finish, click the green ‘Next’ button. This will take you to Step 3, where you will review your journal entries and then import. You can either Import and remain in the Payroll section, or you can Import and then Exit Payroll.


In all, payroll can be run in just a few minutes. Here we explain how to connect your Gusto account to OnTheClock for syncing employees and sending time cards to Gusto for payroll. If you do not have Gusto account, please go to thecreating a Gusto accountsection.

Gusto can pay employee wages and contractors, as well as state and federal taxes, on behalf of your organization. These are just a few of the features Gusto provides. Unlike some payroll services, Gusto gives businesses a choice of multiple service plans. While each of the four plan options includes payroll processing and payroll tax services, they differ in the number of HR features and tools they include. The solution that I found was Gusto payroll service, and I have not looked back. Little did I know, Gusto is more than the payroll service I was looking for, but is an entire HR solution! When you are small, and trying to save money, manually performing payroll yourself may seem like a good cost-effective option.

Follow These Easy Steps To Gusto Payroll Login:

Part of Gusto’s appeal is how simple it is to use. The cloud-hosted service doesn’t require you to https://www.bookstime.com/ install or maintain any special software; you can access the payroll system from any web browser.

gusto payroll login

Offer employee benefits that fits your budget. Their licensed advisors can help you choose the right health benefits for your team. To return to your payroll history, click the “Back to Payroll History” button in the top left corner. Click the Run Payroll button in the top left corner to run a new payroll. Next, if you have multiple companies with Gusto, you’ll be asked which company you would like to login to. A $200 annual service charge covers all three tax-advantaged account types .


It’s all integrated to save you time and headaches. If you check any users under this column their account will be synced with the Hubstaff/Gusto integration.

Even if you live in a state that doesn’t collect income tax , you’ll still need to enter state tax information. Select “Add Tax Details.” Gusto will need your state unemployment insurance rate and State Employer ID number. Some states, like Louisiana, also require you to have a revenue account number.

Payment Options

Then, if you reach a point where you no longer need those services, you can change to one of the less expensive plans. Our full-service, small business payroll services make it easy to run payroll online. Get unlimited payroll runs, automated tax filing, integrations with other tools, … When you link Time Doctor with Gusto, you can set aside your payroll spreadsheets and manual entries.

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  • Save time and money, with quick and easy onboarding for you and your employees.
  • Access proposal templates with suggestions for packaging and pricing value-added services that will make you a proposal pro.
  • To import time off requests for a specific range of time, simply select the dates which you’d like to import for, and clickStart Manual Import.
  • This is the amount of time between when you submit payroll and your employees receive their paychecks.

You will have three months to take advantage of all Gusto has to offer. Under normal circumstances, companies pay taxes for their employees when running payroll. Gusto automates this process, making it unnecessary for your organization to set aside funds for taxes. Gusto is a full-service payroll platform, created for those operating organizations such as nonprofits and churches, who have no background in payroll.

There Is A Straightforward Method For Logging Into The Gusto Employee Login

While we’d be happy to help, we don’t access… After entering your Gusto Login credentials you will successfully login into your page. Here on this Gusto Login page, We are providing official Login/Sign In Links that help to login directly from a single web page. So, by visiting the login page you can grab all the information from the official portal. If you want to sign in to your account then here are the official links that help you to sign in easily.

She uses this extensive experience to answer your questions about payroll. Your employer is responsible for sending or manually distributing the check to you—check your paystub in Gusto to determine how your employer processed the payment . For the first paycheck, you may need to check your SPAM or Junk email and then add that email address to your safe senders list. Now employees who get paid with Gusto can put their paychecks to work with the Gusto Wallet. Gusto is not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, and it has a D- rating on the site.

Creating A Gusto Account

You are now ready to run payroll, which, if you’ve been running payroll manually up until this point and have a solid process in place, will be a breeze. Charlette has over 10 years of experience in accounting and finance and 2 years of partnering with HR leaders on freelance projects.

gusto payroll login

Try refreshing the page or logging out and back in. This often time resolves the display of the hours in Gusto from OnTheClock. The modal popup is essentially two columns with Gusto employees on the left with possible matching OnTheClock employees on the right. If an employee has already been linked, a small link icon will show to the right of their name. The user will be redirected to Gusto to authenticate and allow OnTheClock permissions to their Gusto account data. If you do not already have a Gusto Account, the first step is to create a new account.

After a connection is made with Gusto, the Time Cards page will have an additional option to Send to Gusto. This matches OnTheClock time cards to Gusto payrolls. Gusto gusto login only allows users to send up data for pay periods that have not been processed. They will receive an error if they already processed payroll for that pay period.

Payroll transactions sync with Xero each time you run payroll, keeping your books up to date and making your bank reconciliations a piece of cake. Gusto also supports Xero tracking categories so you get better visibility into payroll expenses without the need to manually tag transactions. If you cannot find your welcome email, you can also reset your password from the sign in page to access your account. On your Gusto dashboard, you will see a section titled “Things To Do,” look for a “Review & Approve” box.

This page layout can vary depending on where your business is located. After mapping each employee the user can Sync Employees. If an employee is set to Create New, it will create a new employee for them in OnTheClock with the corresponding Gusto employee details.

Employee Profile Setup

If you’re ready for more, read our tips to get the best payroll training. If the employee is truly new, meaning they were just hired, Gusto will email them welcome documents to express excitement about them joining the team. However, if the employee you add has been with your company for a while, Gusto will skip this step. This is why it’s important to enter the correct hire date for all employees when you set them up. Depending on where you are in the process and how you initially access Gusto, some of the screenshots we provide may differ from what you actually see. Overall, the process and needed information should be the same. If you want more than just screenshots as support, follow along with our video on how to set up and run payroll with Gusto.